Dignity Health

Dignity Health, as a large organization, has many departments to work with. This gave us the opportunity to create multiple campaigns and designs, including work for the Oncology, Mammography, and Cardiology Departments. 


Our goal was to create a campaign that showed how Dignity Health doctors treat patients with skills AND empathy. 
The campaign included a TV spot, radio, digital, and print. 

Creative Director: Mike McKay
Writer: Clémence Pluche
Producer: Kerwin Kuniyoshi


Navigational APP Icons

There icons where created for the DH patients to be able to more easily find their way in a DH hospital. They were implemented in the APP in small sizes and used as way finders within the hospital.

Creative Director: Ted Bluey


In this social campaign we were asked to encourage  people to get their hearts checked, for those they love.
We connected, shot, and edited posts with origami inspired art. 

Creative Director: Matt Wakeman + Jack Harding
Writer: Clémence Pluche


The work shown below was proposed for a Mammography campaign that would encourage women to speak to their doctors. Each campaign proposed included social videos, digital banners, print, direct mailers, and an installation concept. The goal was to build a campaign that would open the conversation on the different guidelines given for mammograms screenings.

Creative Director: Jack Harding
Writer: Clémence Pluche